Sweet Revenge 

I’m suffering from the worst kind of hearbreak now. I didn’t love her at first. I was almost forced to be with her. Yeah I sure liked the way she looked. But that’s all. But you know, she was patient. I would want to spend very little time wth her. And she was satisfied with that. She never complained. She adjusted. A lot. Slowly I started falling for her. Yes. I was in love with her. At last. It was the best feeling. But alas! My mate had something else in mind. Just when I fell for her, she turned round completely. 180° I mean. She started revolting. Started being disobedient. I tried calming her down but she never listened. And she knew I wouldn’t give up on her now cause I was already helplessly unbelievably in love with her. And now I’m the one trying. Trying too damn hard to get her back. Her soul, her spirit. Well, she is my guitar xD


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