Just Another Infatuation?

Been broken, time and again,

Ceased to be sceptical still,

Touched my heart, innocent joy,

Every time you spoke, with words so real.

Cold winds healed me,

On our uphill drives,

But failed to pluck, off your heart,

A thousand, treacherous, poisoned knives.

My vigorous blushes, unconscious smiles,

Hopelessly wondered if you’d ever know,

I stayed up late to play your songs,

Secret rehearsals of how I’d say hello.

Loved you little more, each day I,

Through all my fears, an eager try,

Careful voices though, chanted deep down,

Wasn’t I falling for another illusion?

I knew it all, I knew the end,

Cause I’d been there many times before,

Yet I risked my heart once more,

I laughed, I cried, and failed to pretend.

every night I dreamt of us,

Whispered prayers in my heart,

For our truth in some other universe.


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