A Fairytale

“Why are the letters running up and down?”, a pair of five year old eyes looked at me in surprise.
“Because I want them to do some exercise.”, my disgruntled eyes were fixed on the frenzied movement of my blog page, my finger on the scroll button.
“Stop! You’re hurting the letters, they’re tired already!”
Sigh. If only he knew what a writer’s block is. I kept deleting old posts out of frustration.
“Can I tell you a story?”, he looked at me eagerly. “I have made it up.”
“Sure, go ahead.”
“Once upon a time”, his eyes sparkled brightly, “there was a poor girl. She lived in a dirty, old house. She sobbed and sobbed, she was very sad.”
“Did a pretty fairy come and help her?”
“No, but there lived a princess opposite to her house. The poor girl saw the princess wear beautiful dresses and shoes. She wanted them too. They were green and blue and sparkly. But she didn’t have any, so she went back to weeping. She thought that a pretty fairy would surely come to her rescue, or a prince, like in all your stories. But no one came. So after some time, she wiped her eyes, got up and went to play in the forest.”
“So she never wanted those dresses again?”
“No, she decided she’s better off without them. What if the large frog swallowed her seeing all the glitter on her clothes?”, he widened his eyes.
There was a sound at the main entrance. The little boy ran to the window and shouted with joy, “There she is! I can go and play outside now.”, and off he went barely mouthing a bye.
With a smile I clicked on the “new post” button on my blog.

Via Daily Post: Forest


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