About Author

Hello Readers!

I am Aaratrika, and this blog was created in 2016, abruptly at a friend’s house. However, the desire to have a blog wasn’t abrupt. Rather, this is something ticked off my bucket list. This is where I freely express myself, foraging through a series of ideas and materialising the same with words.

I have been a student of Literature, History, Film, Psychology, Sociology at different points of time- all of which intrigue me and inspire my writings. This blog is also a way to connect with people from all across the world who share similar interests and thoughts. This is where you’ll find everything from my musings, art, photography, to poetry, short stories, and so many other things!

I thank all of you who drop by and praise me for my writings. I’m glad I’m able to attract such love across the world. Your comments and feedbacks motivate me to go on every single day. So, happy reading!