I Wish I Knew…

I wish I knew you,

A little more than I already do,

I wish I knew you,

Enough to ask a question or two.

I wish I knew how,

You frown at the morning light,

I wish I knew whether,

You stargaze at night.

I wish I knew what,

Colour roses you like,

Or tulips, or daisies,

Or a night-long hike.

I wish I knew where,

And how to find you,

I wish I knew if,

You would love me too.






A Husband Away

I pushed the beaded pin into my hair,

Looked at the mirror, at the empty street again,

Just a few more hours,

I muttered a prayer.

I’ve left the crossword unsolved in the morning newspaper,

Dusted the bookshelf,

I’ve cooked your favourite supper.

Bottles re-arranged in the cellarette,

Decanters and port wine,

The vases full of tulips fresh,

Knives and forks for together we’ll dine.

A dutiful wife, I’ve hidden them well,

Boudoir mails and scented letters,

For a husband away is a husband dead,

All wise men can tell.